From the recording Outtahibernation

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Look at the secrecy really thought I spread my love equally
But somehow niggaz wanna compete wit me
You ain’t on my level so you no it’s not a beef wit me
Just remember when you talking watch how you speak of me
Made it like I’m fighting for a stage I ain’t never wanna step on
Cut mine, dey wanted to press on
Same block you started be the same block you left on
Same block you chilled on the same block I wrecked on
We made you, took you in the wing when they played you
Up talking daddy can’t save you
I’m the only one that kept it solid shit I should’ve got a thank you
Stead I got a poodle at my ankle
Figure since my brother is ya father I can spank you
The fact you created & I’m realer mean I rank you
You made a error that a street nigga never do
Dat only show me that the street shit was never you
See going against Ab I’ll never do
he booked I’m still here I got a better view
I was really concerned bout ya medical
Whole time you was in that bitch on a schedule
You ain’t say he had 1 body you said several
Did it with a smile on your face like it was pleasurable
I might’ve slipped & called em a rat
But to slip & rat how you do that
Top Gangsta
I thought you knew the rules how you rap bout em
They booked Ab too they ain’t get that out em
They booked Mullz too they ain’t get that out em
It’s sad it took a letter to pull da rat out em
Know I did it like it never been done
Played fair left the streets like 11 & 1
Rat or rat lover know I never been one
For that talking Ima severe ya tongue
They know that!!!